Admission and offer

Some universities may send you an offer that should be accepted in a specified time after your results are published on the website, so you should check your email regularly.

If you have been offered a place in a course and/or programme, we hope of course that you will choose to begin your studies in Sweden. If you make plans to attend elsewhere, please be sure to decline your admissions offer. This alerts the university that you will not be attending and makes the place available to a student on the waiting list. You can decline your place on

If your university does not send you an offer, there will be no reason to worry, because many universities will automatically put you on the admissions list.

Admitted – this means that you’ve been offered a place in the course or programme.

Deleted – there are two reasons a course/programme is deleted:

  • you didn’t meet the entry requirements, for example, due to missing documents, verification difficulties or insufficient knowledge of English
  • you’ve been offered a place in a course or study programme you gave higher priority to in your application.


Reserve or Res – this means you’ve been placed on a waiting list. The university will contact you if a place should become available. At this time, it is important you follow any instructions given by your university.

Not processed – late applications will be marked ‘Not processed’. Late applications are processed after selection at the discretion of the university if places become available.

There are two main reasons why an applicant is admitted on condition:

  • they’re required to pay tuition fees
  • they have the documentation they still have to submit in support of their application.

If you are waiting for a Swedish Institute scholarship, you have to decline the “Reserve”. SI does not take into account reserves. And if that “Reserve” is placed before “Admitted” on the website, you may not be awarded a scholarship at all. Therefore, you should immediately decline the Reserve. This will also increase the chances of other students being admitted to those programmes. Please contact the website in order to ask your questions and make sure about it.


The results of students who win the Swedish Institute scholarship will be sent directly to their universities, so it is not required to do anything additional by conditionally admitted students regarding the tuition fee. If you have not completed your bachelor’s degree or are conditionally admitted for another document, you must upload a bachelor’s degree certificate or particular document to the website before the program starts.


Once your scholarship result is positive, you will receive an email from Swedish Institute regarding the scholarship offer. Check the accuracy of the information written about you in the document and confirm, sign and send it to the mentioned email by the specified deadline.



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