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Mecenat is basically a discount card that is given to any person who is registered as a student in Sweden. This card comes with a mobile app that allows you to check all the discounts and deals you have access to.

How to get Mecenat Card?

1. Download the Mecenat App

2. Enter your Personnummer. 

If unsure it is the one you have registered in the university system (Ladok). If you are an international student it is frequently a T-number in the form YYMMDD-TNNN before you get the original one (for more information please check the section “SWEDISH PERSONAL IDENTITY NUMBER”).

3. Verify who you are. 

You will then be asked to verify yourself. You either use your Swedish Mobile Bank ID or your Mecenat Student ID number.

4. You may be asked for a certificate or document that shows you have registered for the courses. You can download that certificate from Ladok and upload it to the Mecenat app.

Your card will be available after confirmation. You can use your student card via app or ask for a hard copy of it.

The ways in which you can use the Mecenat card:

  1.  SJ and other forms of public transport: There are amazing student discounts for public transport in Sweden. For students who are here for longer periods of time, you recharge your card for a 3-month period at a time since that costs lesser, and with the added student discount, it becomes super affordable.
  2. Store discounts: The Mecenat allows you to access student discounts across various stores like Myrorna and other retail outlets. 
  3. Movie theatres: Around 50% discounts are available for certain movies on certain days of the week, and the Mecenat can be used to access this. 
  4. Book stores: Many books stores have student offers during certain periods of time. Using this card will give you access to these reduced prices. 
  5. Electronics: Many electronic shops also offer student discounts. The best way to buy electronics using the student discounts is to go to the Mecenat website. They have current offers on display at all times. 


The Student Card (studentkortet) is a discount and benefits card for students in Sweden.

In order to register for a student card, you have to download its app ( and fill out the registration form. This application also asks for a certificate or document as proof that you are a student.




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