The Guidelines for Newcomers have been prepared to provide convenience for students who got acceptance from Swedish universities in 2022. These rules cover possible questions from the moment you receive your letter of acceptance to the Swedish university until your arrival in Sweden, thus covering application for housing, application for a residence permit, documentation, special notes for Swedish Institute scholarship holders, tuition fee payments and other financial issues, your arrival day and induction week after landing in Sweden.

 You may read and download the GUIDELINES via THIS LINK.

The Guidelines have been prepared by SSANA mostly focusing on Azerbaijan (generally Caucasian students). Some sections in these Guidelines can be referred to all students in the world who were admitted to Swedish universities.

If you read these Guidelines, you most probably have applied for courses and/or programmes in Sweden. In order to be sure of your results, please log in to your account at Universityadmissions.se.

Congratulations on your successful admission to one of the Swedish Universities!

All information provided in the Guideline has been collected from the official sources accordingly. Some parts of the Guidelines have an advisable character and you do not have to but may follow the instructions in this Guideline.

The information about the residence permit application has been collected from the official website of the Swedish Migration Agency. In case of something is unclear, you are very welcome to contact us.

This document named “Guideline for newcomers” is the property of Sweden Students & Alumni Network Azerbaijan and all rights are reserved. We ask users not to infringe the copyright of Sweden Students & Alumni Network Azerbaijan, otherwise, we will have to sue.



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