Welcome to Malmö, Sweden’s third-largest city. Malmö with just over 300,000 residents is a city of diversity, represented by over 170 nationalities.


Finding a place to live usually is the first issue that you have to solve. Malmö University provides two options for students to stay: Celsiusgården and Ronngården. Check this page for more information. The average rent prices range from 4471 SEK to 5171 SEK per month.

Each floor has a fully-equipped kitchen with a dishwasher, stove, microwave, fridge, freezer, kitchen utensils, and a lounge area for the tenants to share. The room size varies between 13-17 square meters in Celsiusgården and 17-25 square meters in Ronngården.

Apart from these options, Malmö University Student Union provides students with a list of the housing agents in the region. You should check out this page to find more tips on finding accommodation.


You can easily get around the city on foot, by bike or by public transportation. There are two kinds of public buses within Malmö. Green buses are called city buses for journeys within the city, while yellow buses are called regional buses and take care of regional journeys. 

Malmo is a perfect city to discover by bike with its flat, well-developed paths. If you want to rent a bike, “Malmo by bike” is highly recommended. Check this page to download the latest bike map of the city.

All you need to learn about any type of transportation within Malmö check out this page.

Student identity

If you want to get student discounts, attend fun events and parties and join student groups and associations feel free to join the Student Union of Malmo University. The membership fee is 99 SEK per semester and you can easily register at this website. Once you have paid, your digital Student Card (STUK) and Mecenat card will be sent to you in two working days.

In the following step download the STUK and/or Mecenat app to carry your student-id with you all the time. By becoming a member of the Student Union you will not only get a 15% discount at SJ and up to 25% discount at the Skanetrafiken app, but also you can have discounts on everything from cultural events and club events to clothing stores and restaurants visits.


Malmö is home to a great many shopping centres.

Hansa – this shopping mall is on both sides of the road in central Malmö. It includes a new market hall where you can dine with friends and shop for groceries at the same time. All the H&M brands are gathered in one place here, including COS, & Other Stories, H&M, Monki and Weekday.

The Emporia mall in Hyllie offers a complete all sorts of shops and a high level of service. An area of 93,000 m² is dedicated to shopping, eating, culture and entertainment, with around 200 shops, restaurants and cafés across three levels. Around 3,000 people work at Emporia, with approximately 25,000 visitors coming here every day. Visit the rooftop park to see the surroundings, the sea, the Öresund Bridge and Denmark on a cloud-free day.

With 115 shops, Malmö’s Mobilia Shopping centre offers a wide range of services including a convenient selection of boutiques, cafés, restaurants and grocery stores. In this 3-building complex, you can browse through everything from the latest fashion to plants, aquariums, fabrics and locally made cheese.

Triangeln is in Malmö City’s largest shopping mall, and is easily accessible in the heart of Malmö, next to the Triangeln train station. Triangeln offers a fantastic shopping environment with its spectacular glass roof and unique architecture. Shops and restaurants offer everything from fashion and accessories to tools, cosmetics and consumer electronics.

If you want to try out an alternative shopping experience check out Möllevång Square where you can find fresh fruit and veggies and international shops around the square to pick up some exotic ingredients and products.

Do not forget to check the best thrift stores in Malmo such as Humana Second Hand, Odd Lovin, Björkå Second hand or Erikshjälpen Second Hand.

Life in Malmö

Malmö offers various cultural experiences, beach life and a diversity of events and activities. Malmö is sometimes called the City of Parks – in total there are 15 major parks in Malmö such as Kungsparken, Slottstradgarden, Slottsparken, Pildammsparken and Bulltoftparken.

There are plenty of opportunities for swimming in Malmö Ribersborgs beach, which is a shallow sandy beach with many piers and Vastra Hamnen which has a deep-sea bath on Sundspromenaden and Scaniabadet. Year-round cold baths can be found on Ribersborgsstranden and in Sibbarp.

If you want to swim in outdoor pools check Rosengarosbadet, Lindangsbadet and Segevangsbadet. Check this page for more information about bathing in Malmö. Moreover, it is highly recommended to check Malmo Art Gallery, which boasts one of Sweden’s largest rooms for contemporary art and Malmo Museums, Malmo Opera and Malmo City Theatre.

Stortorget, Gustav Adolfs Torg and Lilla Torg are the three central squares of Malmö. Do not forget to enjoy the lively and dynamic life of Malmö, discover the city through hiking and camping experiences and watch the pink sunsets in Vastra Hamnen.

There are many interesting sights and places to visit in Malmö, including the Turning Torso – the tallest building in Sweden located in the modern Västra Hamnen waterfront area, the Moderna Museet, Malmöhus Castle, Stor Torget – the main square, built-in 1536 and the trendy bars and restaurants in the charming Lilla Torg, built-in 1592.

You can check the official visitor’s site of Malmö.



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