Guideline II for newcomer students in Sweden has been prepared to provide convenience for students who are planning to move to Sweden for their studies. The purpose of this Guideline II is to provide students with the necessary information for their convenience during their studies in Sweden, as well as to provide an opportunity to learn more about Sweden and practical issues before coming to the country.


Guideline II consists of two Parts which accordingly cover country-specific tips and city-specific tips.


Country-specific tips of Guideline II are general in nature and cover issues related to students coming to Sweden to study regardless of their location in Sweden. Thus, this Part I covers housing, registration, finance and banking, transportation, food, mobile operators, language learning, shopping, driving license, residence permits and living in Sweden. In the “country-specific tips” part, a student from any part of the world can find useful information for himself/herself while studying in Sweden.


City-specific tips of Guideline II are specific in nature and cover opportunities and key issues for students in specific cities where universities are located. Almost all universities in Sweden accept international students for higher educational institutions. City-specific tips focus on identifying specific practical issues of everyday use in university cities in Sweden. It should be noted that information about these cities was provided with both by students studying at those universities and was collected using Internet resources. In general, this part contains information about 17 university cities. City-specific tips are distributed among the Counties of Sweden, which makes it possible for new students to gain knowledge about the territorial distribution within Sweden.


We hope that the information in this Guideline II will be useful to you and will enable you to obtain the information you need quickly. If you have any questions about the provisions in this Guideline II, please contact us immediately. We wish you the best in your future studies in Sweden!


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