Helsingborg is a city and the seat of Helsingborg Municipality, Scania, Sweden. It is the second-largest city in Scania and ninth-largest in Sweden. Helsingborg is the centre of the northern part of the western Scania and Sweden’s closest point to Denmark: the Danish city Helsingør is clearly visible about 4 km to the west on the other side of the Øresund.


There are six student halls of residence in Helsingborg. All of them require that applicants have been admitted to a university or college, and you will be required to provide your letter of acceptance to support this. You do not have to attend a course given on campus in Helsingborg, although certain accommodation providers reserve their right to prioritise students at Campus Helsingborg specifically.

Below you can find links to each landlord’s website with information about the housing and how to apply.  Most of the accommodations in these student homes are around 25 sq. and are designed to have one student living in them. Rent is approximately 4000 SEK/month, but both size and rent vary per landlord and building:

Amerika södra




Östra Vallgatan

Båstad campus (in Båstad)

If you’re an international student, you can apply for accommodation via LU Accommodation, a part of Lund University that offers accommodation for international students. LU Accommodation offers a limited number of rooms and apartments in Lund, Helsingborg and Malmö, and as there is high demand for accommodation they cannot guarantee accommodation for all international students. If you are coming from a non-EU/EEA country and are paying tuition fees you have a housing guarantee. For more information, visit LU Accommodation here.

If you are unable or don’t want to live in a student apartment, there are other housing options. We have compiled a list of other housing operators below; and as there is no collective queuing system in the city, you have to check with each individual property owner to see what is available. Links to some of the larger property owners in Helsingborg and the surrounding area:

Biskopen fastigheter

Boplats syd

BroGripen fastigheter

Garnito AB


Ikano bostad

Svenska hus

Wallenstam Helsingborg

Willhem AB

It is also a good idea to look at other housing options since the demand for apartments in the student homes is high at the start of the semester.  Sublet rooms or apartments can be a good option where you can rent a room, an apartment or shared accommodation with other students.

To find ads, a good place to start is to join the Facebook group “Student I Helsingborg och letar lägenhet” (“student in Helsingborg and looking for housing”).

Some other good sites when looking for sublet housing are:



These websites are sole providers of accommodation advertisements and assume no liability for the actual rental situation, which is an agreement between landlord and tenant. As many advertisements are written in Swedish; if you have any problems understanding the text, send an email or phone the number in the advertisement and it will probably be fine to communicate in English.

Be aware of fraudsters in the housing market, we recommend that you refer to Bopoolen’s checklist for advice and warning signs.


You can easily travel to Helsingborg by plane, train, bus or car. Ängelholm Helsingborg Airport is only 30 minutes from Helsingborg and is served by flights from Stockholm daily with connections from the rest of the country and the world. Trains from Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, among others, stop at Helsingborg C in the middle of the city, where the buses also stop.

In Helsingborg, and throughout Skåne, you travel with Skånetrafiken’s regional and city buses and trains.

Student unions and organisations

In Helsingborg, which is a young and dynamic student city, there is always something going on for students. When you start your studies at Campus Helsingborg, you can join the University student organisations represented in the city.

The unions work to maintain high quality in education and to ensure that your time as a student is as enjoyable as possible. It is not compulsory to join a union, but it is an opportunity for you, as a student, to influence your study situation. If you are studying at Campus Helsingborg, you can contact the unions for students of Engineering, Social Sciences or Humanities and Theology.

Helsingborgsspexet is a student musical comedy association (spex) at Campus Helsingborg. In spring 2001 they gave their first performance, the Return of Ulysses, with the help of artists from Var Gladspexarna in Lund. Since then, they have produced a major student show every year.

Helsingborg International Connections is a knowledge-sharing network for international talent and their families. They want you to feel at home in Helsingborg. HIC events will keep you informed about living, studying and working in the city, while their community of friends and contacts will help you build a wider social group and extend your professional network. You may visit HIC’s Facebook page here.


International Students at Campus Helsingborg – calendar of events and all other important information for the International Students at Campus Helsingborg.


Väla centrum – one of Sweden’s largest shopping centres is on the outskirts of Helsingborg. This newly refurbished mall has 180 shops, offering everything under one roof. You’ll find many of the biggest European brands, together with smaller outlets specialising in décor, sport and technology. Enjoy good food, great coffee, or get your hair cut while you’re here.

Life in Helsingborg

Sofiero Palace and Gardens – feature the 1864-built summer royal residence and extensive gardens, including 10 000 rhododendrons which bloom in late May. In summer, concerts are held in the gardens and in autumn activities such as the light fest are held.

Frederiksdals Friluftsmuseum is one of Sweden’s largest open-air museums with historical buildings, parks and gardens.

Helsingborg’s centre features interesting historical landmarks such as the Kärnan Tower (the remains of the medieval castle) as well as shops, cafés and a busy port where ferries run between Helsingborg to Helsingör in Denmark.

From Helsingborg to Denmark’s Helsingör it is just a 20-minute boat ride. Helsingör is where you can visit Kronborg Castle, where Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ was set. The castle is a World Heritage Site.

During Konstrundan, artists in the northwestern part of Skåne display art in exhibition venues and in their homes.

The Culture Card gives you as a student a year of free admission to Helsingborg’s large cultural facilities Sofiero castle and palace gardens, Fredriksdal museums and gardens, Dunkers Kulturhus and Kärnan. With the Culture Card, you can go to the Festival of light, Rose festival, Christmas Market, The grand garden festival, Mikaeli Market and lots of other popular events.

The card also gives you discounts on other attractions but also on tickets to theatres and concerts.

Price: 250 SEK, valid for 12 months.

Pålsjö forest, a beechwood forest almost in the city centre. This oasis is the main recreation area for the citizens of Helsingborg and is highly appreciated. Have a coffee break with Swedish waffles at the Forest Pavilion from 1914 surrounded by high beech trees and a symphony of birdsong.

In Helsingborg, we not only take a dip in the ocean during summer, but we also do it all year round! It´s a strong and long tradition for many of the Helsingborg citizens. Visit one of our three cold bathhouses (Kallis, Pålsjöbaden and Råå) for a refreshing bath followed by a nice and relaxing time in the hot sauna with a beautiful view of the sea.

You may get more information about Student life in Helsinborg here.



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