Jönköping is situated at the southern end of Sweden’s second-largest lake, Vättern, in the province of Småland. The city is the seat of Jönköping Municipality. Jönköping is also the seat of Jönköping County. Jönköping is the seat of a district court and a court of appeal as well as the Swedish National Courts Administration. It is the seat of the Swedish Board of Agriculture.


All new international students are guaranteed accommodation, provided that they apply for accommodation correctly, pay the administrative fee and announce their arrival in time. The guarantee only applies to admitted students at Jönköping University. Family members are not included in the guarantee.

As a part of the accommodation application process, an administrative fee of 700 SEK is required. The payment is obligatory for all Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Exchange students who choose to apply for housing, hence, making use of the accommodation guarantee provided by the University. The fee is non-refundable, rules and regulations regarding this can be found in Jönköping University’s Accommodation Guarantee for International Students.

The Accommodation Office cooperates with many different landlords around Jönköping to offer a variety of accommodations to our international students.

Since the campus is situated in the middle of the city centre, there are no housing options on campus. Instead, the student accommodations are spread throughout the city. The various housing options accommodate anywhere between 20 to 550 students.

Although there is no guarantee that you will receive one of your 3 housing options, it is very important that you fill in as much information as possible in your application, and also consider which of the housing alternatives would suit you best.

You may get more information about apartments and dorms offered by Jönköping University here.

To find a home, you need to apply as a housing applicant with housing companies and landlords. Find landlords and housing companies that may have interesting apartments for you. Search their websites to find more information about location, queuing system and rental policy. Remember to sign up with several different landlords. It increases your chances of finding housing. Be active and login to the sites often. The availability of apartments can vary from day today. Check the list of contact information for a number of different landlords.


Länstrafiken in Jönköping is sure that everyone will be able to travel as smoothly and quickly as possible. Jönköping Länstrafik is responsible for rail and bus services.

You can pay for your trip in cash onboard the bus, Krösatågen and Västtågen (not Östgötapendeln). The receipt is your ticket and you must keep it throughout the trip.

With the JLT app, you pay the ticket by debit card or invoice directly. The mobile ticket is simple and safe to carry out. You can also find timetables and travel searches in the app.

Jönköping Airport is located 9 kilometres from Jönköping City Centre and close to the R40 road (Gothenburg — Västervik).

The easiest way to go to or from the airport is by taxi. Please check the price with the driver before making the journey. Most companies apply fixed prices to Jönköping Centre. There is a regular bus service (Line 27) to and from Jönköping city centre. The journey takes about 20 minutes. Fee according to Länstrafiken urban traffic. For timetable: www.jlt.se. There are also car rental companies located at the airport such as Avis, Budget, Europcar, and Hertz.

For taxis, the recommendation is to use the local Taxi Jönköping which is the city’s largest taxi company.

Student Unions

The Jönköping Student Union is run by students, for students. The union safeguards the students’ interests in many areas of student life and at the university. The Student Union is a great resource for students – they influence the quality of education, arrange activities and trips, carry out various projects, and much more. 

At JU, it is compulsory for all students to become members of the Jönköping Student Union. The student union fee is included in the tuition for tuition-fee paying students, however, all other students are required to pay the membership fee separately.

You may get more specific information about Student unions here.


The city of Jönköping has a lot to offer – a total of 206 small shops and large department stores are filled with clothes, food and bargains for you to discover and enjoy. The main street for shopping is Östra Storgatan, located in the Östra Centrum area, where the main stores are located. But don’t be afraid to explore Klostergatan, in the Västra Centrum area, where you will find craft shops, second-hand shops and locally produced vegetables and delicacies. Most stores are open till 6 pm on weekdays and 4 pm on Saturdays. Sundays, the stores in the city are closed.

Asecs is Jönköping’s old military regiment, which has been transformed into a grand shopping centre. Here you can browse through 80 stores and restaurants of various kinds. Small shops and large department stores under the same roof create an exciting, yet cosy atmosphere. Busses go to the Asecs area frequently, and the opening hours are very generous. The mall is open 10 am to 8 pm on weekdays, 10 am to 6 pm on Saturdays, and 11 am to 5 pm on Sundays.

Jönköping’s restored old match factory area, Tändsticksområdet, is like a miniature town in itself. Its red-brick buildings from the height of Jönköping’s matchstick industry now contain galleries, unique shops and restaurants, cosy cafés, antiques and more. A large flea market is also held here every Saturday.

Rekoshoppen is an ecological and sustainable shop where you will find everything from clothes shampoos, and skincare products to brushes and toys. Here you can shop with a good conscience since the items are organic; almost nothing is made of plastic. The owners like materials like wood, linen, organic cotton and bamboo.

Life in Jönköping

Jönköping offers some of the best experiences in Sweden. Nature has been wonderfully generous with this region and has dotted it with beautiful small lakes, rolling wooded hills, meadows, wetlands and – not least – a kilometre-long beach in the town centre. Jönköping is an ideal venue for meetings and trade, strategically located between Sweden’s three largest cities, and the warm local population is eager to share their natural assets and hospitality.

In Jönköping, Gränna, Visingsö and Huskvarna you have a lot of things to discover! The nature and history of the city and the Småland region are very rich and captivating. There is always something going on, and lots of people to meet. Jönköping is a great place to relax, shop and eat out.

You may visit this website for more guides in Jönköping.



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