Örebro is a city with the seat of Örebro Municipality and the capital of Örebro County in Sweden. It is the sixth-largest city in Sweden and one of the largest inland hubs of the country. It is located near the lake of Hjälmaren, although a few kilometres inland along the small river Svartån.

Örebro is home to Örebro University, a major university hospital, a medieval castle, the water park Gustavsvik as well as several large shopping malls and the Oset-Rynningeviken nature reserve at the lakefront.


It is important to begin securing accommodation as soon as you are offered a study place at Örebro University. The university offers single occupancy accommodation, but this is not guaranteed – the sooner you apply and explore all options, the better.

Örebro University can offer accommodation for individuals who apply directly. This accommodation is a “dorm room” living in apartment buildings located around campus.

For students intending to live as individuals, they can apply for a campus “dorm room” directly with our Housing office once they have received their admission results. You can apply for either one year or two years, depending on the length of your studies. Families/groups cannot live in our “dorm room” accommodation. If you intend to find accommodation for multiple people – with family or friends – you will need to secure your own private accommodation for the duration of your studies.

There are several private rental agencies located in Örebro, which can be contacted to discuss potential rental options if you do not intend to live as an individual.

Örebro University cannot provide accommodation for multiple people. If you are intending to live with multiple people – e.g. with your family – you will need to find your own private accommodation for the length of your studies. The best way to do this would be to contact private landlords/agencies and ask about available properties. You can find a list of companies in Örebro here: List of Private Rental Companies in Örebro.

Alternatively, you can search for available rentals on open markets on multiple letting sites. Here are a few options:

If you do not have accommodation secured before your studies commence, you may not be able to study – this could then affect your right to reside in Sweden. Please make sure that you explore all housing options before arriving in Sweden.


The city centre of Örebro can easily be explored on foot, however, there is a well-functioned network of city buses managed by Länstrafiken.

City busses departs from Järntorget in central Örebro and from Resecentrum (Travel Center) at Centralstationen. You can pay for your journey by using Länstrafiken Resekort (Travel Card) a debit/credit card or via their app on your smartphone. You can get your travel card and charge it at the customer centre at Örebros Resecentrum, from other sales agents like kiosks (Pressbyrån) and supermarkets or onboard on one of the buses. Notice that you cannot use cash on the bus.

Örebro Airport, from where charter, national and freight flights operate, is situated 12 km west of Örebro. The journey to the city centre of Örebro takes approx. 15 minutes.

Student union

The Student Union of Örebro University represents all students and PhD students at our University. The Student union’s work is an extensive function that requires a broad organization. To manage our mission to organize students of questions about education and manage the social event for students we require a lot of people and organs.


There are plenty of shopping opportunities in Örebro: while the major international brands can be found across the city centre and in the many galleries and shopping malls, for some unique gifts and souvenirs step into the traditional shops in Wadköping or into one of the independent boutiques selling Swedish design and delicatessens.

Glad! – A well-stocked gift shop selling modern and retro designs, with countless products ranging from toys to kitchen paraphernalia and various trinkets.


Krämaren – located in the city centre, Krämaren is one of Sweden´s oldest galleries. With around 40 shops, you will find everything from clothing, beauty and accessories to interior design, hair-care and sports equipment.

Oliv & Te is a cosy shop selling premium-quality Swedish and international delicatessen. They specialise in olive oil and loose leaf tea, but they also offer coffee, liquorice, spices, chocolate and biscuits.

Tant Grön is one of the many farm shops around Örebro. Located in Vintrosa, it has a garden, a café, a greenhouse and a lovely shop where visitors can purchase home decor, clothes, flowers or some top-quality Swedish specialities.

Debut is a fashion-focused shop located just in the city centre and selling clothing, shoes and jewellery by major Swedish designers.

At Marieberg Galleria there are more than 100 shops of the major brands to go shopping in as well as restaurants and cafés. Marieberg Galleria is situated approximately 9 km south of Örebro.

Life in Örebro

Örebro is an attractive city with well-preserved old areas along the river Svartån. The huge Vasa castle may gather the majority of the attention, but besides the historical side, the city has plenty of new exciting architecture, entertainment venues, shops, and cafes. Within a short distance from the city, natural wonders such as Lake Hjälmaren and Kilsbergen, “De Blå Bergen” (the Blue Mountains), provide great outdoor experiences.

Örebro University does not only care for your academic progress, but also for your social experience. That is why the University organize an introduction programme for new students to give you a chance to experience as much as possible during your stay in Sweden. The University cooperates with ESN Örebro, a non-profit student association run by Swedish students.  They will organise indoor and outdoor activities, cultural events, parties, excursions and trips during the whole semester.



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