Västerbottens län

The County of Västerbotten – a county in northern Norrland. It constitutes the province of Västerbotten plus southern Lappland and the northeastern corner of Ångermanland.

The county is subdivided into 15 local administrative districts – kommun (municipalities). The county capital is Umeå.

In 1634 when the system of counties was established the whole region of Norrland formed one county. In 1638 the province of Västerbotten was separated and formed into an individual county. The province of Västerbotten then also included the present province of Norrbotten. In 1810 the province of Norrbotten was separated from Västerbotten and formed an individual county. The county of Västerbotten received its present shape in 1868.
Major cities are Umeå, Skellefteå and Lycksele.

The County of Västerbotten includes Umeå University. 



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