Housing application

Students who are in need of housing and who have accepted their offer sent by the University (if applicable), are able to apply for housing. The accommodation will be available to you for the full duration of your programme, that is, 10 or 22 months. Please visit the website of the relevant university in order to see the requirements and the procedure for housing applications. 

Some international students who are admitted to one of the Swedish Universities have a housing guarantee. The housing guarantee means that the university you are admitted to will offer your housing at one of University Accommodation’s housing options. In general, Non-EU/EEA students (required to pay tuition fees to Lund University) admitted to full-time studies of at least 30 ECTS (which does generally not apply to exchange students from partner universities) have a housing guarantee. For more detailed information about the housing guarantee, we advise you to contact the administration of the university you are admitted.

Please note: even if you have a housing guarantee you must make an application for housing in order to receive an offer!

The accommodation provided under the housing guarantee is only for 1 person, students cannot bring family members with them to share the accommodation. Students bringing family members are expected to find housing on their own.

You will receive an online link from your receiving department. Each university has its own deadlines for housing applications. Fill out the online form and click “Submit”. You can choose your preferred housing areas in your application, but the university does not guarantee housing in one of these areas. Practically saying, if to submit the housing application at the relevant time, the results will be out by the beginning of June. 

Housing Offers (Accommodation Offer) will be sent out by e-mail at the beginning of June (autumn) and continues until there are no more applicants or no more rooms available.

Check your spam folder during this period in case the offer ends up there. If you receive an e-mail with a housing offer it will contain an internet link that leads to your Contract. Click the link and you will see your agreement in your browser. Make sure you read your Contractcarefully – choose your arrival date – then sign it by clicking “Yes”. This contract is legally binding and by signing it you accept the details in the agreement as well as the terms of conditions. The deadline for signing your leasing agreement will be stated in the e-mail. We recommend that you respond to that e-mail as soon as possible. If the housing office has not received your response on the deadline, it will cancel your reservation and offer your room to another student.

Housing Offer (Accommodation Offer) may require a room deposit. The amount which you may be required to pay as a room deposit is SEK 2000-2500. Should there be any damage or cleaning problems found in your accommodation following your departure or if there are any outstanding fees in your accommodation account, a deduction will be made from the room deposit in order to cover those costs.

Should a final room inspection indicate that there is no reason to withhold the room deposit and there are no outstanding fees in your accommodation account then the room deposit refund administrative process can begin. The room deposit will be returned to the Visa card or MasterCard from which it was paid.

If you do not return your keys on time the deposit can also be used for late key fees or a lock change. Please note that due to the administration surrounding the deposit refund it may take between 4 and 8 weeks, following the contract end date, for the deposit refund to reach your bank account.

You may contact us in order to get more information about the application process and different housing areas.



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