Visby is an urban area in Sweden and the seat of Gotland Municipality in Gotland County on the island of Gotland. Visby is also the episcopal see for the Diocese of Visby. The Hanseatic city of Visby is arguably the best-preserved medieval city in Scandinavia, and, since 1995, it has been on the UNESCO World Heritage site list. Among the most notable historical remains are the 3.4 km long town wall that encircles the town centre and a number of church ruins.


Young people studying at Visby can apply to both private and student houses using three sources. and are some of the most used resources by students, and many students apply through these websites. When applying for accommodation from these sites, you have to wait for at least 1 month for a response from companies. In addition, students can use the services of Uppsala University (Campus Gotland) using the website

To use Uppsala University’s housing service, you need to apply for accommodation by using Here you can mainly see three options: Fältgatan, Mejerigatan and Halsjärnsgatan.

Rooms on Mejerigatan and Fältgatan are furnished, single room apartments with a kitchenette and private bathroom. The apartment includes a bed, a desk, a chair and a shelf. The tenant has access to a shared kitchen and laundry room in the building. The rent includes water, electricity, heating and internet access. There is no Wi-Fi, the connection is via a net cable to the wall outlet.

Rooms at Halsjärnsgatan are situated in the southern part of Visby. They are furnished for 1 person, they are open space with combined bedroom, living room and kitchen all-in-one. The kitchen is equipped with a fridge, freezer, oven, stove, microwave, cookware and furniture. The apartments are furnished and also have a bathroom with a shower and washing machine. There is also a garden and access to the garden furniture.


Because Visby is a small town, the main means of transportation in the city is the bicycle, but you can travel to other parts of Gotland by bus.

It is recommended to download the Gotlands Kollektivtrafik app to use and get information about the bus system. In addition, you will have two main options to get to the mainland: ferry and plane. You can use for the ferry and for the plane to get more information.


The possibilities for shopping in Gotland are not as wide as in other cities, but here you can find unique second-hand shops belonging to Gotland. The possibilities for shopping in Gotland are not as wide as in other cities, but here you can find unique shops belonging to Gotland, second-hand clothing stores.

Although there are not many opportunities in the city, you can also find well-known brands such as Levi`s, Stadium and H&M. The most commonly used supermarkets are ICA, Lidl and Willy’s.

Life in Visby

Because Visby is a small town, almost all students here know each other. If you want to make your social life more active, you can join the Rindy student organization. In addition, do not forget to attend every party, visit the magnificent lakes of Gotland, walk on the island of Fårö and watch the magnificent sunset every day.



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