Commercialization of a Niche Sustainable Microwave AI Technology Innovation: A case study in Percy Roc AB

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We are thrilled to present the next thesis from our “Tezisini tanı” project, authored by Aynaz Mirzazada in collaboration with Jerry Faisal. Aynaz, an esteemed alumna of Uppsala University (Class of 2023), successfully completed her two-year journey in the “Industrial Management and Innovation” programme. As Aynaz’s research delves into a pivotal issue of our times, acquainting ourselves with it is certain to broaden our understanding of the commercialization of innovations.

Research Topic: “Commercialization of a Niche Sustainable Microwave AI Technology Innovation: A case study in Percy Roc AB”

Thesis summary: “Nowadays, increasing energy costs create challenges for societies. In industries such as manufacturing, energy is one of the basic needs for development, automation, and modernization. The increase in energy costs affects economic growth, especially, in the manufacturing industry which depends on the energy consumption to run their facilities. One of the components that contribute considerably to energy consumption in industry is industrial heating technology.

A new technology called microwave heating technology has been developed to tackle the issue of energy costs. Based on the empirical data and analysis, the study concludes that a firm should go through different stages, namely market recognition, development, and deployment with a focus on building relationships with customers, establishing partnerships to manage through uncertainties, testing, and being flexible in the decision-making of essential aspects such as pricing model to successfully commercialize their technology innovation.

This study also contributes to the literature on the commercialization of niche technological innovations and provides recommendations for the improvement of commercialization processes.”

Our heartfelt gratitude to Aynaz for sharing this intriguing paper, shedding light on the intersection of sustainable technology and commercialization dynamics.

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