Detection of NORM contamination in LNG systems

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Today’s alumnus is Nazrin Babashova. She received her master’s in Sustainable Energy Processes and Systems at Linnaeus University between 2018-2019.

Research topic: Detection of NORM contamination in LNG systems

The research explores – naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM), which is present in the oil and gas industry, can pose a risk to the workers engaged in the activities in this field. Nevertheless, to our knowledge, there is no study on NORM presence and NORM measurement in liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel systems and installations. Therefore, the question of whether NORM, particularly radon and radon progeny, can pose a risk to the health of employees, is still open.

This study provides – the initial base for further investigation and real NORM measurement. In this study, all stages of radon and radon decay products movement and deposition starting from natural gas production to the final destination are analyzed and reviewed. Several techniques for NORM detection and measurement are proposed. In this case, if radon levels exceed the reference level, several actions toward radon reduction are proposed.

It is so impressive to see one of our graduates have such distinctive and interesting research. Well done, Nazrin.

Note: If you also want to introduce your thesis, please use the following link for registration.

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