One step from employee to complainant: Unfair dismissals in violation of employees’ labour rights

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The alumnus of the day is Sabina Ibragimova, who graduated from Lund University in 2021 with a major in International Human Rights Law.

Research topic: One step from employee to complainant: Unfair dismissals in violation of employees’ labour rights

The aim of this study is to establish the most effective way of resolving unfair dismissal disputes based on experience in several countries and international law.

This thesis examines: the analysis of the scope and content of protection of employees against unfair dismissals in international law is presented. The legal basis is examined based on different international human rights instruments, ILO Conventions, European Union Directives and other legal sources. After examining the legal framework, the study proceeds to examine the most common forms of wrongful terminations such as collective redundancies, dismissals based on discrimination, pregnancy-related dismissals, disability-related dismissals, etc. This analysis allows the discovery of the national laws and practices of different countries regarding the functioning of protection mechanisms.

Further, comparative research is conducted on different dispute resolution mechanisms available for the settlement of disputes related to wrongful terminations. Through the comparative analysis, this thesis elaborates on key principles and elements of effective dispute resolution.

In the end, the laws and practices in Azerbaijan are analysed and possible solutions are provided to the problems identified.

We are delighted to share your well-written paper on a topic that is a continuing theme in most corporate cultures. Good luck with your future endeavours, Sabina.

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