The role of nature-based tourism: the case of Azerbaijan

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Today we bring you our next #alumni of the day by the hand of Ramil Namazov. He graduated from Uppsala University in 2021 with a major in Sustainable Destination Development. We have a slightly different paper today because it mainly concerns the tourism sector. Here’s a short look at the paper.

According to the research nature-based tourism is one of the most preferred types of tourism by tourists in recent years. This type of tourism also has a special effect on people’s decisions. This paper analyzes the role of nature-based tourism in people’s decisions and tourist preferences, as well as how companies meet these requirements. Taking into account the growing tourism potential in the Caucasus region, Azerbaijan has been selected as the main study area. In this paper, the qualitative method was applied as the main research design, and the data collection was obtained based on interviews. This study reveals the expectations of tourists from companies and the factors that influence their decisions. It also analyzes how companies meet the needs of tourists and the relationship between them.

This is a very useful paper, and we are very proud that Azerbaijan is the focus of the research.

Your work is greatly appreciated, Ramil.

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