Unemployed individuals` preferences towards social investment policies

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Our focus today is Gunel Abdullayeva, who graduated from Lund University last year. Her studies in Welfare Policies and Management spanned the period 2019-2021. A fascinating field of research encompasses labour and social protection of the population. Let’s dive into the topic which seems quite extraordinary.

Research topic: Unemployed individuals` preferences towards social investment policies.

The master`s thesis is designed to understand the social policy preferences of unemployed people from human capital investment perspectives. The aim of the research is to explain social policy preferences by referring to human capital theory to understand unemployed people`s preferences between unemployment cash benefits and labour market training. The research takes upskilling, and earnings, together with labour market situations (mismatch between education and labour market and transition from school to work) and defines these concepts under the theoretical framework to understand the phenomena of human capital investment in unemployed people`s policy preferences in the labour market.

The study is designed as a qualitative case study to answer the research questions with semi-structured expert interviews. The empirical data of the research supports the theoretical implications that it is reasonable to study unemployed individuals` social policy preferences under the human capital theory. The study findings show that job seekers prefer labour market training in order to invest in human capital.

Having only read a brief description of the paper, it’s been reminded of how necessary the labour market is for creating welfare policy.

Thank you for a great job, Gunel.

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