Aynur Valiyeva

Master of European Business Law at Lund University


About me 

Hallå from Sweden to everyone!

My name is Aynur, and I am one of the holders of the Swedish Institute Scholarship for Global Professionals. I am currently studying Master of European Business Law at Lund University in Sweden. I have a bachelor’s degree in Law from the Academy of Public Administration in Azerbaijan and four years of work experience in the area.

Why I am here

After working for a couple of years as a corporate lawyer, I decided that I needed some fresh knowledge and skills both in the field and in life, as well as a big chance to explore the world around me! I got admitted to Lund University and won an SI Scholarship for Global Professionals. But guess what? It took me 3 attempts to get this reputable scholarship! So no worries, there is nothing that you cannot do if you stand tough enough!



First times
Changing your environment and leaving your home, family, friends, cats(!!), and some of your old habits 4000 km away is not an easy task. It took me some time to understand the new environment and education system. Some prior research and a will to explore everything around helped me a lot. After arriving at Lund, the University gave us a chance to do so during its orientation weeks. In the first month, I attended social events, activities almost every day and explored the city and its system. Thanks to all of these, getting used to the new system was smooth.

About Sweden and Lund 

Now let me tell you about Sweden and Lund!

As a member of the EU, Sweden is located on the Scandinavian Peninsula, and its official language is Swedish. When we talk about Sweden Vikings, meatballs, IKEA, Fika, ABBA, Spotify, waste management, high social standards, the Northern Lights, breathtaking nature and severe winters should come to mind. Swedish people are kind, well-educated, and almost all of them can speak English. But remember that you need to try a few times and be patient to be part of their community. Stand tough once more!

When it comes to lovely little Lund, it is located in the south of Sweden, meaning that its winter is not as harsh as those in the north. But days are getting darker in the afternoon, and you can hardly see the Sun in winter here. Students are the biggest part of its population. Biking is a popular mode of transportation in this green city, and there are bike paths all over. Overall, it is a safe city with its vibrant student life.

Now let me tell you what I do during my time here.

Library of Lund University

What do I do as a student?
Lund University has a library network consisting of 25 libraries! I spent most of my time in the Law Faculty’s Library. Apart from my studies, I actively participate in social and academic events at the University and in a huge number of student organizations. Physical activities are an inseparable part of my lifestyle, so you can find me at volleyball tournaments that take place often. Gyms are very affordable in Sweden, so I have already gotten my yearly membership. As I’ll be here for 2 years, I am also planning to take the Swedish language course, which is provided for free. Last but not least, I travel to other cities and countries, whenever I can take a break from my studies. A Swedish residence permit gives you a chance to travel to many countries without a visa.

Overall, you may find that the culture, people and climate are somewhat different from those in Azerbaijan, but you’ll get used to it, believe me. Don’t worry, even though the winters here could make you miss the Sun a lot. Take your vitamin D and wait for summer, when there will be plenty of it!

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