New Management Board for 2024

Dear friends,

On March 2, 2024, an appointment procedure was held to determine the members of the Main Board of Directors for vacant positions.

As a result of the joint assessment and discussion of the members of the Advisory Council and the Board of Directors, the results of appointment to vacant positions were determined.

▶ Thus, as a result of the III election-report conference held on January 13, 2024 and the appointment procedure held on March 2, 2024, the Main Management Board for the 2024 operating year was formed in the following composition:

President: Cesur Hasanov
Vice-president: Saida Abbasli
Treasurer: Nargiz Samadova
Marketing Director: Gunel Aliyeva
Director of Academic Activities: Sanam Jafarova
Director of Social Activities: Ilhama Huseynli
Director of New Members and Non-Members: Arzu Hajiyeva

▶ For your information, we would like to note that regarding the appointment to the position of treasurer, in the initial vote (for the position of president), Nargiz Samadova was appointed to the position of treasurer with the consent of the parties without the need for a re-vote, as she received the necessary votes in the evaluation conducted over 30, and thus the team was fully formed. .

▶ Note that the composition of the Advisory Council (AC) for 2024/25 is as follows:

Gunel Zalova, Fatima Taheri, Elmar Hajiyev, Fagan Abdurakhmanov, Hasan Alili

We congratulate each of our newly appointed members and wish them success in their future endeavors! 💛

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